Liquid Assets

As your summer tan fades away it’s good to add a touch of colour to the skin to perpetuate your summer glow. I always start with a hint of bronzer,  but eventually – if you live in sun-less London – that is not enough, which is where a good liquid foundation comes in. I recently came across Sappho, a beautiful brand, and was particularly impressed with their liquid foundation. I like to mix it in with my moisturiser to add a hint of colour while, of course, smoothing out any skin tone changes. It feels soft to the skin, smells divine and is made using 100% natural ingredients.

About Sappho: It turns out that JoAnn Fowler, founder and CEO of Sappho Organic Cosmetics, had worked in the television and movie industry as a makeup artist since 1989 and was looking for cosmetics that were safe and effective to use on the skin, and after much searching, Sappho Organic Cosmetics was born.

Our liquid foundations are composed of minerals suspended in organic aloe juice and organic jojoba oil. They are preserved in essential oils, including calendula, neem oil, rockrose oil, meadowfoam oil, carrot oil, rosemary extract, lavender, roman chamomile, cedar wood and frankincense. Most of these essential oils have antioxidant qualities that fight dangerous free radicals. Frankincense is known for its ability to boost collagen production. Liquid foundations also contain vitamin E, organic rooibos, tea tree oil, organic green tea extract, and DMAE (an organic compound) to enhance the appearance of skin tone.

Price: £35.00
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