Heavenly Scent

If there is a scent that takes me right back to boarding school it’s The Body Shop’s White Musk. And to celebrate their 30th anniversary, in October they’re launching White Musk Libertine,
a new fragrance based on the original. The range will include a perfume, EDT,  a body spray, shower gel and a body lotion. It’s similar to the original but a little more sophisticated, lighter and grown-up. I personally love the body mist as it envelops you in the fragrance softly hinting at the sweet scent.
Dr. Vincent Schäller, perfumer and creator of White Musk Libertine says: 
“With White Musk Libertine we tried to develop something that was truly individual, reflective of the free thinkers that inspired us. Sensual and playful characteristics were ones we really looked to explore and develop, leading us to our most feminine fragrance to date. Femininity is global, free from the constraints of cultural boundaries the scent is designed to translate and be free to enchant people all around the world.”

The White Musk Libertine collection is available nationwide in The Body Shop stores from October 2011.
Prices: Eau de Toilette (30ML / RRP £9.00), Eau de Toilette (60ML / RRP£14.00), Eau de Parfum (30ML / RRP £12.00), Shower Gel (250 ML / RRP £8.00), Body Lotion (250ML / RRP £9.00) Body Mist (100ML / RRP £7.00)

Staying true to The Body Shop heritage and the beliefs of libertine Anita Roddick, White Musk Libertine contains Community Fair Trade organic alcohol made from organic sugar cane from Ecuador. The Body Shop dedicated two years to setting up its relationship with the alcohol supplier, CADO, based in the remote Cotopaxi province of the country. Trade with The Body Shop promotes organic farming here, helping to protect the natural biodiversity of 200 hectares of farmland and offering stability to the community and directly benefitting over 100 families.  

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