Having a bad hair day?

As if life wasn’t hard enough, at  this time of year – if you are living in the UK –  you will have to guess the weather, and when it comes to hair this can be a huge problem. My hair can go from straight and limp in dry weather to positively frizzy (not in a good way) when it’s humid. Hats and pony tails are, of course, foolproof measures for damage limitation. But surely managing your hair is where it’s really at. One product that I find really helpful is Ojon’s Restorative Hair Treatment. It contains Ojon oil, which is rich in essential lipids similar to those found naturally in hair so it softens and adds shine to it after just one application. You can use it on wet or dry hair but you must, however, use a TINY amount of paste, which you rub between your hands until it turns to oil. If you apply it too generously you will end up with greasy hair and your only option will be to put your hair in a pony tail for the day (and resemble one of the backing singers from Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love video – believe me I talk from personal experience).

I spoke to Adam Bennett, stylist extraordinaire for some top tips:

Hair’s best friend? At the moment I have two – a good quality Brazilian blow dry and a can of dry shampoo.
General tips: Whether you have your haircut every 4,6 or 8 weeks, you should see your stylist every 6 weeks for a consultation to talk about your concerns, your hair care regime and, of course, the best way to move forward with your look.
How much should one spend on hair care? Does price matter? I always say that you should spend the maximum you can afford to on hair care. Higher end products do absolutely make a difference but there are some great products out there with lower price points too. The main problem is that people confuse their hair needs. With Internet shopping so prevalent in our lives mistakes can be made and people lose faith in products, which is why you should always consult your stylist.

Ojon Damage Reverse is priced at £32.50 100ml. For more information go to www.ojon.com


One response to “Having a bad hair day?

  1. Laia thank you very much for this comment. The fact that this may be a bit of trouble sometimes and you do not realize, but I will try your recomendation. Ramon

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