Scrub Up Well

One of my favourite rituals when taking a shower is using a body scrub. But not just any scrub, of course. Sometimes I find the texture of a scrub to be too thick and slippery and other times they don’t seem to have enough ‘oomph’ and feel more like a normal – if perhaps thicker – shower gel that a proper scrub. Of course this all comes down to personal preference, but I like my scrubs to scrub. So when I come across a product with the right consistency and texture  it’s definitely worth writing home about. The Burt’s Bees Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub is absolutely divine. Not only does it smell sweet enough to eat (on toast?), but it really does polish your skin. It contains ground almonds and aloe leaf juice to create a perfect texture and its main ingredient being honey, means that it moisturises as you scrub away. It feels lovely and smooth on the skin and really makes you feel good as it gently wakes you up. It also comes in other flavours: Mango & Orange and Cranberry & Pomagranate. Tempted?

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About the brand:

We believe natural products should be 100% natural.

Our products average 99% natural, with half being 100% natural. We will continue to strive for 100% natural on all our products, investigating all ingredients and the latest technologies to create the best products for your greatest well-being and never using any ingredient that has any potential suspected human health risks.


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