Smooth Operator

I am a shower person, always have been. But as the weather changes and the days are getting shorter I must admit I’ve been day dreaming about taking a bath. And when I do take a bath I like it to have good bubbles, which is where Radox comes in. It’s a brand that I remember growing up with – it’s been around for over 100 years – and has never been particularly sexy or exciting but it’s a brand you can definitely rely on and it delivers what it says on the tin (well, the plastic bottle). It is fact Britain’s favourite bathing brand.  And when you need a bath,  after ‘one of those days’ or coming back home soaking wet or freezing cold that is what you want.  I tried Tropical Tranquility, one of their latest Bath Smoothies collection and really managed to unwind – I love that it smells of holiday! I also loved the way they tell you not to drink it even though it smells good enough to eat. It contains coconut, sweet almond oil  and natural myrrh so not only does it smell amazing, but it also leaves your skin silky-smooth. Other flavours in the range include Spirit Booster, a rich and creamy mix of yoghurt, cranberry and elderberry, to boost body and mind and Soul Soother, which incorporates calming chamomile, blackcurrant and cranberry.

Radox Bath Smoothies has taken the natural ingredients found in the Radox Shower Smoothies, and blended them into a luxurious, smooth cream designed to deliver a sumptuous bathing experience that will leave you smelling good enough to eat!

Available from Boots, Superdrug and selected Supermarkets.

RRP £2.99

One response to “Smooth Operator

  1. Dear Laia
    I have a treat of Radox every wik and I can’t wait for the nex one. Thanks very much for your intelligent commensurate

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