Stand by Your Man

It’s been a hot week, and standing next to a nice smelling man as opposed to a sweaty one – whether it’s queuing at Tesco’s or on the tube – can really make a difference. This has got me thinking about male scents and with Christmas around the corner I’ve decided to put together a shortlist of my favourites. From the top: I really like Just Different by Hugo Boss. Its brand new so it has originality on its side, and its campaign is faced by the gorgeous Jared Leto so it’s a sexy, fresh  choice. It has top notes of cool mint and heart notes of basil and freesia. Perfect for every day and for going out.

For a more classic scent and a very masculine option – my dad loves this EDT – Aramis Classic is the ideal choice. Launched by the design house Aramis in 1965 it’s certainly passed the test of time and has become iconic. Its distinctive aroma includes  notes of citrus, bergamot oil and sandalwood. It also contains leather notes and patchouli – which give it that manly and borderline ‘old fashioned’ undertone. It’s perfect for business men who want to make a good impression and/or for a romantic evening out.


Finally, for the sporty men out there, the latest from Davidoff–  Champion Davidoff – is on the money. The bottle is very original and the scent is refreshing and strong. It’s a real all-rounder,  ideal for the weekend, to wear after a working out session or for partying and having a good time. But it also works in a work environment if you like a light scent. It contains notes of bergamot and lemon mixed with cedarwood and clary sage.

Hopefully next time you stand by a man he’ll be wearing on of the above perfumes…

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