It’s a Winner!

This shower gel is not only a great cleanser but because of its deeply nourishing formula it hydrates your skin as you wash. It has won the Best Body Wash award by Best magazine, and was runner up in the Psychologies Positive Beauty Awards.

So what is so great about it? In a word, nourishment. The Dove Body Wash contains a unique blend of moisturizers called NutriumMoistureTM, which are enriched with skin-natural lipids that can be absorbed completely to nourish deep down while you shower. The result is that clean feeling that really makes you feel good, and your skin is left lightly scented,  smooth and soft. Want to try it for yourself? All you have to do subscribe to this blog to enter a competition where 10 winners will be picked at random to receive a Dove Deep Nourishing Shower Gel. End date Friday 14th October 2010. 

At Dove, we uphold one central belief above all others: every woman is beautiful. And with the help of skin care, nutrition, lifestyle and a good mood, every woman can feel even better about herself.

Dove Deeply Nourishing Shower gel is priced at £2.03, 500ml. For more information go to


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