If you need to completely relax, music can be a great way to do so. Add some bubbles to the equation (bath or champagne – your choice!) and you’re in business.  To coincide with the launch of their new spa range, you can now download the track Weightless from Marconi Union for free.  5000 people in the last two days have already done, just go to  www.facebook.com/radox  to access it.  The new Radox Spa range looks great – I’ll let you know more when I try it out but for now you can set the scene with some great ambient music.

“This 8 minute track has been proven to be more relaxing than a massage or spa treatment and has launched in connection with the brands new Spa range which includes ingredients such as lavender oil and green tea.” Radox


3 responses to “Weightless

  1. Russell Woollen

    I think i’d love to try that sometime…

  2. why don’t you try it lecening the music of Mantra de Ahimsa? I’ve tried more than once and really it’s an experience


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