Get your hair party ready…

Winter can be tough on your hair, especially if you colour it. I have tried endless products to ensure my hair is kept healthy-looking and hydrated, and last week I came across this amazing brand. Colourist extraordinaire James Foward has developed a range for Maison D’anu. My personal favourite is the Cherish Keratin Infused Shampoo for dry, weak and chemically treated hair.  It has a conditioner and hair mask to go with it and not only does it smell deliciously creamy, it’s also free from sulphate, paraben and sodium chloride. Ideal if you have highlights or coloured hair.

I spoke to James to find out more about the new brand:

1. What’s the philosophy behind your range of products for Maison D’Anu?
I wanted to create a range that would enhance the colourists’ work. Some products can mute hair colour and spoil it. I also wanted the products to be light, clean and effective so that they can enhance hair colour allowing it to radiate, shine and lasts as long as possible. The cherish products have been formulated without sulphates so they won’t strip or fade hair colour they are also free from parabens and sodium chloride so anyone with the permanent blowdry/keratin treatment will benefit from using these products.

2. How important is it to use the right shampoo, conditioner for one’s hair type?
This is important, many brands have a large variety of shampoo and conditioners which can be confusing. I think knowing what to avoid and how to apply conditioner correctly makes choosing a shampoo and conditioner much easier. A gentle shampoo is good for all hair types whether your hair is dry or oily using a shampoo with harsh detergents can cause the scalp to over produce oil making the roots greasy and leave the ends dehydrated. Only use conditioner where needed so avoid the root area unless all of your hair is very dry and focus on the ends and front hairline. Keratin is a good ingredient to look out for as it is the key structural component of hair, therefore keratin will benefit all hair types by closing the hair’s cuticles and seal split ends making it stronger, shinier and more resilient. 

3. How often should one use a mask/treatment?
Even if your hair is very healthy I would recommend you use a mask at least once a month to keep it in tip top condition. If you colour your hair use a mask once a week. 

4. Tips for coloured hair
Try not to wash your hair too often to prolong the intensity of your colour so only shampoo when your hair is getting dirty rather than every day. 

Use a hair mask a day or two before you have your hair coloured this will strengthen your hair before the chemicals are applied and will prevent the colour damaging your hair use a mask again straight after the colour.

5. Do we need extra care for winter hair? Any tips?
Yes! Central heating will dry your hair in the same way it dries your skin and the cold weather will shut the hair’s cuticles preventing moisture getting in so the regular use of a mask during winter is important. 

If your gym has a steam roon, apply a mask to your hair and have a steam as this will open the hairs cuticles and allow the mask to penetrate much deeper just 5 minutes will make a huge difference and 15-20 will be even better.

For more information or to purchase the products go to

One response to “Get your hair party ready…

  1. How important is it to use the right shampoo, conditioner for one’s hair type?
    Very, very, very important

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