Time to Detox!

This time of year, I always like to make a few New Year’s resolutions. I make sure that they are realistic so I don’t go too ‘ambitious’ or too ‘big’ because I know that that is not going to work… However, a few challenges are always a good idea and the New Year is the perfect time to focus.  A detox is the perfect resolution after the Christmas season. I don’t go the whole nine yards on this, but I do like to use products that encourage the system to work more efficiently. Take this Detox Body Massage Oil from  Tisserand, it’s the perfect product to purify and tone after your morning shower – or any other time for that matter. It will help improve and smooth your skin texture and stimulate your system and circulation, encouraging it to eliminate toxins. You can, of course, just use it to massage when you are in need of winding down. The great thing about this oil is that it smells amazing because it is 95% organic. The silky texture and  reviving scent of juniper, lemon and black pepper simply speak for themselves. I highly recommend it!

It is available from Tisserand.com, priced  £8.10


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