Secret Weapon

One of my favourite make-up brands is Inika because it’s 100% natural, certified organic and completely free from synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients. The brand’s CEO, Miranda Bond, developed the range after reading that eliminating make-up and cleaning fluids that contain potentialy harmful chemicals would help cure her endemetriosis and help her fall pregnant – which she did after adopting this lifestyle change. Inika was the answer to women searching for  an all-natural cosmetic brand, so the brand has very strong ethics and principles, which are present in every single product in the range.

This trio of products is a real must-have and has been very aptly named ‘Secret Weapon’. It contains a Natural Perfection Concealer, a White Crystal Eyeliner and a Light Reflect Highlighting Creme to create that natural, healthy look with a hint of glamour. I personally love the highlighter as it’s one of these products that you can apply on your cheeks, eye lids, lips…anywhere you want some highlighting! Give a try –  it’s wonderful to finally have luxury and glamour in products that not only ‘do the job’ but also stay true to their principles.

“A phenomenal success since its inception in 2006, INIKA’s full natural makeup range is now sold in more than 16 countries around the world.
Miranda looks forward to continuing the INIKA mission of bringing world class natural and organic makeup products to women all over the world.”

Available at
Price £38.50


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