Bath Time

In today’s fast-paced world many of use could do with unwinding. And having a good old-fashioned soak is very effective, easy to do and won’t cost you a fortune! Bath oils are great, because not only do they scent the bath  water – and the bathroom  – they also deeply moisturise your skin. Designed by Aromatherapy Expert Fiona Tutte, Pure Lochside has been formulated with a blend of highly potent essential oils and key therapeutic natural ingredients.  The Calming Bath & Body Oil Soothing aromatherapy blend helps relax and also ease muscle and  joint pain  so it’s ideal if you suffer form arthritis or need to ease your muscles after a good workout.

The smell is delicate and beautiful, and you can catch a hint of Pine and high altitude Lavender. It also contains skin-softening Organic Macadamia, warming Organic Black Pepper and Marjoram essential oils help to soothe tired muscles. And the best thing abou t it is that you can also massage in directly onto your skin after you’ve had your bath for maximum effect.

 About the brand

Pure Lochside products are packed full of delicious natural and organic ingredients. These plant based ingredients do not interfere with the flora and fauna of our natural world when they end up back in our sea and river systems.

Price £26.50,

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