It has to be… Perfekt!

If you want a natural flawless finish, but don’t like to wear heavy make-up this could be the perfect product for you. Ironically, although I absolutely love beauty products, I don’t spend ages getting ready. I’m very much a wash and go type of girl so when I tried this skin perfection gel I really liked it. It’s a gel that has a mousse-like texture and blends into your skin easily. It’s tinted and matt so it evens out your complexion giving you an even, healthy look. You can work it to add colour or just wear a little bit to give you that flawless look. It’s also a long-lasting product so you can wear it out and know that you will look great for the duration. Other products in the range include a cheek perfection gel, and eye perfection gel and a brow perfection gel. I also thought the brow gel was a great product, because it accentuated my eyebrows but made them look natural, with no trace of ‘amateur brow pencilling-in’.
And I have to say the packaging is really cute. When you open the box, on the lid it says: “Why look good when you can look Per-fekt” – works for me!

About the brand…
Founded in 2005 in Hollywood Per-fekt Beauty Inc. brings you technologically advanced products to help simplify your beauty routine. Merging advanced skincare formulations with color, Per-fekt offers multi-functional products that are quick and easy to apply, long lasting, and offer an alternative to traditional beauty products. Celebrity fans include Megan Fox, Blake Lively and Vanessa Williams.

For more information go to
Products are available at House of Fraser

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