Valentines Kiss

Who doesn’t want to have perfectly moisturised lips? Whether it’s the summer’s heat or the winter winds, lips are vulnerable and can easily dry up and chap, so finding a good lip balm is essential to look and feel your very best. Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix is just that: super rich and thoroughly moisturising. It’s quite thick – almost sticky at first in texture – but it’s quickly absorbed and  instantly relieves and softens lips leaving a subtle sheen on them. It contains a unique blend of Zinc Oxide and Chinese Menthol (which gives it  a cooling sensation that makes your lips tingle, which let me tell you – can be quite addictive!). You can use this balm at any time to hydrate your lips, but you can also use it as a base for your lipstick or over lipstick to add shine, and it’s subtle enough for men to use it too. So get your lips Valentine-ready…

Kiss Mix £14.00 ,


One response to “Valentines Kiss

  1. It’s thicknes? I have to try it.

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