The Perfect Eye Shadow

Finding an eye shadow that works for you can be a lifetime quest, so I want to share with you this great shade from Becca, which I think is simply divine. It’s called Lame and it’s described as a silver mauve shimmer. It’s almost like that in between colour that is sometimes describe as mushroom – a bit grey, a bit silver and a bit brown. The point is, it looks very  natural and just adds a hint of shadow without making a dramatic statement, which is how I like my make up to be. The product is fine and shimmery and it blends in with any other shade you add, leaving a velvety finish. It’s a really is a good investment. I wear it in the day time and in the evening, and when I do I get that ‘you look different but I am not sure why’ look from people who know me. So now you know: it’s the Lame eye shadow…I highly recommend it!

Price £19.00

If you love this brand follow their blog on


2 responses to “The Perfect Eye Shadow

  1. A perfect colour, may just have to invest in this one

  2. Can’t get that colour online. It’s the only colour you can’t get

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