The future is Mega-Bright

Mega-Bright is the latest addition to the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins and it’s an a serum with a twist. It boosts the illumination of your skin – with its special and natural light-infusing complex and at the same time it helps reduce dark spots and correct skin tone. Its formula contains Rosa Roxburghii Complex, a flowering bush in Asia which has highly potent anti-irritant ingredients. Studies show dramatic results after just a few weeks of use, and although I have only been using it for a few days and  I really enjoy the way it feels on my skin – its absorbed instantly leaving a smooth finish. I also love its citrus-like scent, it may sound a bit silly but I actually find that if I don’t like the way something smells, however amazing or expensive it is I will gradually stop using. And its great to use at any age, as a preventative measure and, of course, to work directly on any problem areas (according to a recent report, women age 35 and older rank discoloration as one of their top three ageing skin concerns). I am using it twice a day: in the morning and evening, and I am a happy customer. And as with all of Dr Weil’s for Origins products I know that what I am putting on the outside is good for the inside.

About the brand
“Our mission at Origins is to create high performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science. We use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. “

Price £46.00
Available form March 1st.


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