Time to Tone!

Have you tried on your bikini yet this season? If you are reluctant to do so and feel in need of a little toning action here is a brand new product that I really like. It’s called Algascience Contouring Serum from Melvita, and it works to tone the skin and fight cellulite. It uses a complex of three algae: pink Coralline, red Palmaria and brown Fucus. Together they help drain your system to reduce fatty deposits restoring firmness to the skin. You can apply the serum in the morning and in the evening on your most stubborn areas (stomach, hips and thighs) and massage in circular movements until it’s completely absorbed. You can also pat it on, to stimulate your circulation. And – the icing on the cake – it has a fantastic smell of lemon grass that leaves you feeling very much alive…ideal to get you started on that toning routine!

Algascience Contouring Serum (150ml) £29.00
For more information go to www.uk.melvita.com


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