What planet are you on?

If you’re concerned about lines and wrinkles on your face, you may well have heard of this brand, as it has had a lot of coverage recently and has a huge celeb following that includes Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue. The thing that I find most interesting about this brand’s products is that they are very effective yet remain paraben free and they’re not tested on animals. Their new cream, the Platinum Crème Excellence with Synake® and Platinum Colloid® uses active ingredients that allow the skin to replenish, and it’s so good that it has even been nicknamed Botox in a bottle.

This highly effective Platinum-Peptide based cream is designed to act like a GPS system – carrying ‘active ingredients’ through the skin layers to the skin cells, having a  direct and prompt impact upon the production of Collagen I and III (the building-blocks of youthful skin) whilst also preventing DNA damage to your skin and visibly reducing the signs of ageing instantly – fine lines and wrinkles quickly disappear whilst skin elasticity is improved. Blended with Syn-ake® the facial muscle contractions which cause wrinkles are dramatically restricted… the “Botox® Effect”.

It will improve the skin’s elasticity and hydration preventing DNA damage and reducing any wrinkles. But readers beware: it’s unisex – so hide it from your partner!

For more information go to www.planetskincare.co.uk
Platinum Creme Excellence is priced at £99.00, 50ml


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