Good enough to eat

If you like strawberries, you must check out this bath and shower gel. Iced Strawberry Dream is a limited edition product that smells of sweet summer. It really is a beautiful fragrance (a mix of candy, ice cream and ripened fruit) – you almost wish you could eat it! Iced Summer Dream  launched into Tesco stores, nationwide, this March, and it’s available for limited time only. But the most interesting thing about this product is that it’s the result of an online competition by  the quirky body & bathing brand, Treacle Moon. Since 2009, they have been running a monthly competition on their website,, encouraging fans to submit their suggestions for new fragrances. And this is the latest winning scent. You can use it in the shower or in the bath and it foams generously, creating a lather that leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. It’s great for all ages and looks gorgeous in the bathroom. So next time you pop into Tesco to get your bits and pieces take a walk down the cosmetics aisle and smell it – you’ll be hooked.

Spring’s forthcoming special edition – Iced Strawberry Dream bath & shower gel (£2.99 / 500ml).


3 responses to “Good enough to eat

  1. I have proved it and I like it very much… It’s a dream bath

  2. I know! it’s smells amazing 🙂

  3. Thanks very much! So glad you love it! – love from the Treacle Moon team! xxx

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