Beauty Made Simple

I often get asked is the best products to use are the most expensive, and the answer – although not straight forward – is essentially no. Sometimes products that use good ingredients and keep the formulations simple and effective, and perhaps don’t spend a huge budget on exciting and sexy advertising are just as good as products that you need to take a deep breath before purchasing with your credit card. Of course, ultimately it’s a matter of personal choice and more specifically each person’s skin. The new Simply Pure range from Superdrug is a great staple that won’t cost you the earth. It’s fragrance free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals and dermatologically approved. I tried the Oil Balancing Serum from Superdrug, which gave my skin a lovely velvety texture and worked well with a light moisturiser on top. Formulated specifically for combination skin it leaves your skin matt, and being fragrance free it doesn’t compete with any other scented product you are using. Perfect for every day and seriously within budget.

Price: £3.99
For more information go to

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