The Ultimate Urban Treat

The great thing about living somewhere for a number of years is that you begin to gain that all-important ‘insider’s knowledge’ and get to know the best places to go to eat, to party, for coffee or to relax. And when it comes to relaxing, the Elemis Day Spa in Mayfair is an absolute find. It’s literally tucked away down a muse street just off Bond Street, and although it’s in the heart of the city you almost feel as if you’re travelled out of London somewhere exotic once you arrive.

I went to try their new, wonderful treatment: the Elemis Total Face & Body Polish, which is perfect for this time of year as we tentatively change from winter to summer clothes. As with all their treatments, you’re made to feel special and relaxed, which allows you to leave any worries you might have at the door and enjoy the experience fully.

The treatment begins with some gentle body brushing to stimulate the system, and it’s followed by an oil massage all over the body including the neck and shoulders. I was then exfoliated and wrapped in a sarong. While the product was left to work  on me– for about half an hour – the focus turned to my face. I had a Visible Brilliance Facial to help boost my complexion (what a treat!) and then it was time for a warm shower.

After I was dry and lying on the bed again, the final part of the treatment took place. This time I was pampered with Pro-Collagen Body Cream all over my body and Pro-Colagen Marine cream on my face. After a few moments, the Tibetan bell rang indicating that I had come to the end of the treatment. I was left feeling invigorated, relaxed and renewed. Ready for the season ahead.

The great thing about this treatment is that, like a massage, it’s relaxing – but you also have a fantastic facial and all-over hydration so the benefits are threefold. I recommend it to anybody in need of a boost, or as pre-holiday prep if you’re wanting to get your skin summer-ready.

Elemis Total Face and Body Polish (55 minutes / £85)
Elemis Day Spa, 2-3 Lancashire Court, Mayfair, London, W1S 1EX
Telephone: 020 7499 4995 or email

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