Look after your Health!

I’ve always had a holistic approach to the human body  and believe that you are what you eat, so I like to check in with a nutritionist on a regular basis. If you’re near Knightsbridge, take a look at the new Health Quarter (the latest addition to the Brompton Quarter). It’s a great place to stock up on all your supplements and you can also get advice on all things nutrition from their resident nutritionist. And if you require more than their free 15 minute consultation and want to actually book an appointment, they offer that service too.
As well as meeting all your nutritional needs, Health also has a wealth of organic high-end beauty products that include brands such as Lavera (their shampoo is amazing!), Terre D’Oc, Dr. Hauschka and Pai.
I met Claire Harper over  a cup of green tea, and she showed me around the shop and told me about the concept behind Health and how important quality is to them – not only when it comes to supplements and vitamins but also when chosing organic beauty ranges, to ensure that these don’t contribute to the body’s toxic load through the use of harsh chemicals.

“We’ve carefully chosen products that really work and steered clear of the mass market options that don’t always make a difference to people’s wellbeing.”

Health is very welcoming and a real destination store, which I’m sure I’ll drop into on a regular basis, so if you’re in the area I recommend that you take a look for yourself – I can guarantee that you won’t leave empty handed!

www.the healthquartersw3.com


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