Simply Divine!

I love Philosophy products, not only are they of amazingly good quality (have you tried their shower gels?) but they always tell a story, and this brand new perfume is no exception. When I heard it was launching I couldn’t wait to try it, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s ideal for Spring as it’s light, flowery and very femenine – perfect for daytime wear or as a light evening perfume option. And the name couldn’t be more adorable, it’s called You are divine.
The bottle is also very sweet: simple and classic in its design, and it comes with a little gold bow matching its gold lid, giving it the perfect finishing touch. I tried the Eau de Toilette spray, which I thought was lovely and light. It really is a well-balanced combination of top citrus, fruity notes with lovely vanilla and sheer musk to bring it all together in a sophisticated, elegant and feminine perfume. I think it would also make a great gift – not only because of it’s lovely message (any boys reading this take note!) but it really is an uplifting yet warming scent. Check out their website for more beautiful products.
This perfume is available on
Price: £43.00

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