Moroccan Gold

There’s been a lot of hype recently about beauty products that contain  Argan oil – hair hydrators, in particular, that nourish deeply seem to be everywhere you look, and the truth is they really work. Also known as the gold of Morocco, this luxurious oil has been used for centuries in Africa for cooking and a number of beauty regimes. But when it comes to skincare, La Maison de l’Argan’s ar457 collection really is the creme de la creme. When the brand’s founder discovered Argan oil  he fell in love with its texture – it really does feel incredibly silky – and its fantastic properties, and he created the range combining traditional methods with sophisticated modern techniques to produce argan oil-rich hyperdense compounds that produce outstanding, long-lasting benefits.

I tried the Elixir Metaserum [lyf], which is a great anti-ageing facial hydrator that firms the skin whilst giving it elasticity. It contains highly concentrated active ingredients including Argan oil and  Padina Pavonica, which are perfect to combat dryness and leaves your complexion looking fresh and glowing (especially if used overnight). The serum feels very smooth when you massage it into your skin and has a lovely sweet yet nutty smell to it. The effect – when used for the recommended 20 days – is intense hydration, which revitalizes and moisturizes the skin. It also targets wrinkles and restores the balance in any greasy or dry areas you may have whilst protecting it from free radicals. And you can also use this product as a rescue serum for unexpected spots, minor burns, splitting nails, dry hair lengths…(it’s a real all-rounder!)

This product really is a luxury product that I strongly recomend if you want to invest in a good serum. It’s not cheap but it does last you a long time as you only need a small amount at any one time. For more information go to:
Price €88

Argan oil is undoubtedly one of the rarest vegetable oils in the world, and consequently one of the most expensive due to its small and slow productivity rate. It has the appearance of a dense, golden liquid at room temperature and is extremely rich and diverse both in minerals and vitamins. It is considered a luxury oil by many.


2 responses to “Moroccan Gold

  1. Great, so glad you discovered this brand, I adore the line! x

  2. I know it’s pure luxe in a bootle…x

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