Show me the honey

Yesterday morning I was  closer than ever to a bee – well to a whole bee colony actually! Picture the scene: I am on the roof of the Melvita Covent Garden store – wearing a protective white suit with netting around the face area – and I am shown around a beehive (one of three Melvita beehives) by beekeeper Camilla Goddard. The truth is, bees are fascinating and the benefits their products provide are pretty amazing. I learnt a lot speaking to her and observing their behaviour, and I also found out that the name Melvita means honey life.

A new range has just been launched by the brand, and it’s all about honey. It’s called Apicosma and it contains an exclusive  patented 3 Honey Complex  that works with ingredients that combined have been proven to be more powerful and effective that when used individually.

‘The results show that the 3 Honey Complex instantly replenishes lost nutrients; it actually thickens the dermal and epidermal layers and activates angiogenesis. The complex in suspension in the product formula is able to treat the causes of dry skin to prevent it coming back, tather than just moisturising the skin’s surface. That is a huge breakthrough,’ Dr Elizabeth Devillard.

I tried the Apicosma body balm, an ultra nourishing cream that contains Royal Jelly, Cocoa Butter and the Melvita 3 Honey Complex. It smells sweet and almost milky and it’s quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it incredibly moisturised. It’s the perfect antidote to dry skin and it leaves a stunning fragrance, which is very addictive. I love this brand: it’s completely committed to the environment and to creating beautiful products that work wonders.

Price £20.00
for more information go to


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