I want Mor

Who doesn’t love a good lip balm? In the summer it protects your lips from the heat and in the winter from the cold – it really is a no brainer. I always like to carry one with me, and my current favourite is the Lip Macaron in Sorbet from MOR. MOR is an Australian brand of  luxury pampering body care and lifestyle products, and their philosophy is to provide a personalised sensory journey. The lip macaron is full of vitamin E and beeswax to soften and hydrate your lips, and it smells of sweet lemonade, making it almost addictive. It adds a sheer gloss on your lips, giving you a healthy looking pout and feels smooth and very  light. Check out their website, they come in nine different flavours including Peach Nectar, Blood orange and French Vanilla. The packaging is also stunning making it the perfect treat for yourself or a friend.

For more information go to morcosmetics.com

Your lips will adore our range of lip gloss & lip balm products.  Drink from the nectar fountain and enjoy a new high gloss formulation available in our lip nectar range or savour the deliciously sweet flavours of our nourishing lip balms. Whichever flavour is calling you, these brightly coloured lip glosses and lip balms  just beckon to be sampled!

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