Silky Smooth

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and – as such – nourishing and hydrating it is essential to ensure  optimum health. I’ve always favoured body oils to body creams or lotions and this one in particular is absolutely divine. it’s called Ultra Elasticizing and Toning Oil from Pupa, and it’s so pure that it can even be used by pregnant women. It has a zesty, spa-like smell, and its main ingredients are almond oil (which elasticses tissues and prevents the risk of stretch-marks),  Argan Oil (which has softening properties that stimulate celluar renewal and awaken tissues) and Carrot Oil (which nourishes and protects the skin). The formula nourishes and elasticises but also stimulates, which is ideal to combat stretch marks. It does so with the introduction of active oxygen, which helps to restore energy and boost the circulation and lipid metabolism. Used on wet or dry skin, it’s fast absorbing enabling you to dress soon after application. It’s a beautiful, luxurious product that will leave your skin feeling toned and silky smooth. Ideal for the summer months. I’m hooked.

Pupa’s Ultra Elasticizing and Toning Oil is priced at £38.00, 200ml.
Check it out at For stockist and mail order call 020 8398 9744.



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