Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!

I tried laser hair removal in a beauty salon a few years ago, when I was writing an article about hair removal techniques for Weight Watchers. The truth is that is was amazing, I went to sessions every two weeks for a few months (we did my underarms) and gradually it was completely gone. The treatment was expensive (although I was lucky enough not to have to pay for it) but more importantly time consuming, as it involved numerous appointments at the beauty salon – a luxury not many of us have these days! This is why when I was told about the Tria Home Hair Removal Laser I was very excited to find out more. Could it be that you would get the long term benefits of the traditional laser treatment in the luxury of your own home? The answer is yes. So let me tell you more about this treatment. You start by preparing the area you want to work on by shaving it, and then you’re ready to turn on the device. At the end of it is a red laser light that you move along the your skin as it bleeps producing a zapping sensation. It’s not exactly painful, just a little uncomfortable but you soon get used to it. I used it a few times over a 6 month period and there was a visible reduction in the hair re-growth. I did get a bit lazy and postponed repeating the process a few times, so perhaps it’s a good idea to schedule in some time aside to get the maximum benefits. But since you do it at home and it takes literally minutes, it’s definitely a good investment.
So who can use this? Men and women can safely use this provided you have light to medium skin and dark hair, as it works when the infrared light is absorbed by the dark pigment in the follicle.
Any catches? Not really, it’s not cheap (£349) but perhaps you can by it with someone else and share it, as it’s not something that you need to use daily. I personally recommend it, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle waxing or shaving!

Now for the technical info…
The TRIA Hair Removal Laser uses laser technology to remove unwanted hair through a process called ‘selective photothermolysis’.  This means it targets the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair with a pulse of laser light.  The pulse of laser light, which is converted to heat is absorbed by the dark pigment and quickly disables the bulb of the hair follicle and the bulge (so destroying the growth cells), causing the hair to gradually fall out and stop growing back.

The Tria laser removal device is priced at £349.99
To find out more about it go to

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