Good Foundations

I don’t think many people enjoy wearing a foundation that is thick and pasty, and that – let’s face it – doesn’t look all that natural. Personally, a light dusting to even out the complexion gets the thumbs up. But with so many to choose from it’s important to try and test until you find your perfect match. I like loose powder foundation applied with a brush because I feel that the skin is able to breathe better, I also like to wear a mineral foundation because I know that the ingredients aren’t going to harm my skin, in fact quite the opposite. So I tried Terre D’oc’s Mineral Foundation in rose beige and really liked the overall tone it gave me. As the shade described it had a hint of pink that gave me a healthy glow. The product (which smells really good) feels light and is gently absorbed into the skin because it consists of highly concentrated mineral pigments coated with shea butter, providing a seamlessly blend that reflects light for that flawless finish. It’s also available in a soft beige and a gold beige shade and comes with a little brush.

Did you know…
Lightening and glorifying the complexion holds a special place in the relationships linking colour and skin.  Balinese women use Curcuma to give a golden touch to their complexion.  In Japan women use rice powder to paint a porcelain white face which is a symbol of harmony and discretion…

The Mineral Foundation retails at £24.95.

Terre D’Oc is Certified Organic and dermatologically tested, it uses fair trade ingredients and eco packaging.

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One response to “Good Foundations

  1. How did I miss this? Glad you got on well with the Foundation, not tried it but do like the concealer and mascara! x

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