Scratching the Surface

Exfoliating can be a controversial topic  –  some beauty gurus swear by it whereas others think it’s damaging to the skin. Personally I enjoy exfoliating occasionally, especially when my skin is playing up, but I always make sure the product I use on my face is of great quality and made with natural, organic ingredients. And it doesn’t get much more natural than Pure Lochside’s Organic Orange Skin Refiner. The clear glass container is full of small dried particles, making it look like a cooking condiment. Its ingredients are, in fact, organic orange peel, and organic Scottish oatmeal. Oats have been used for centuries to relieve irritate skin conditions and Beta Glucan (found in oats) is said to improve the appearance of skin and help it to heal. What this product does is exfoliate, refine and hydrate and because it’s so natural you can use it in different ways: you can use it daily mixing a pea size of the product with a little water to exfoliate, you can also use it two to three times a week as a deeper cleanser by mixing it with oil (they recommend their Organic Orange Cleansing Oil) or as a mask once a week – for the mask you need to mix a teaspoon of the refiner with water and pat it onto the face, leave for fifteen minutes or so and then massage in for glowing skin.

I have used it as a daily scrub with water and it feels gentle yet effective on my skin, which appears bright and soft. It’s a lovely product, like everything else in the collection that I have come across so far, and when using it, it really does feel like a treat.

The Organic Orange Skin Refiner is prices at £16. For more information go to


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