The Surgery Debate

I’m all for natural beauty, and personally don’t really see the need for plastic surgery in order  to be beautiful – I actually think beauty goes much, much deeper.  There’s nothing wrong, however, in wanting to enhance naturally what is already there, which is why I found this product is very interesting. It’s from Matilda Archer, and it’s called Intense Plumping Treatment. It’s very versatile and can be used to enhance the appearance of your décolleté and bust, hands and face – anywhere you feel your skin needs a little plumping! Its main ingredient is an Asian plant extract, which is combined with Squalane to help moisturise the skin, but the product – despite being so effective – contains no hormones. The brand is designed to provide great results without surgery and the products are 98% natural – they are free from artificial colours, fragrances, and parabens and packed with natural ingredients. If you’re thinking of cosmetic surgery, check it out before taking action (the range has been developed with the help of a highly respected cosmetic surgeon in the USA). You might be pleasantly surprised and find that it’s the answer to your prayers.
Trials show that best results are achieved when used twice a day for a minimum of 56 days.

Matilda Archer’s Intense Plumping treatment is priced from £23. For more information go to



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