Dark spots? We’ve got it covered

Over time, the sun can cause damage on our skin and this can result in a discolouration in pigment also known as epidermal hyper-pigmentation. There are other reasons for skin pigmentation, such as hormonal imbalances or inflammatory stimulations. And now, there’s finally a product that has been designed specifically to tackle this issue: Eau Thermale Avene’s D-Pigment, which comes in a light or rich versions depending on your skin’s need (the light version is for normal to combination skin, and the rich one is for dry to very dry skin).  The product works on three different levels because of the combination of molecules it contains, which combined produce excellent proven results.

The first is Melanyde (it slows down the activity of the enzyme responsible for melanin formation), the second is Pre-tocopheryl (a powerful antioxidant that helps diminish excess melanin production) and Retinaldehyde (a vitamin A derivative that stimulates cell renewal facilitating the elimination of excessively melanin-charged cells).

In other words, this product can not only help reduce your existing dark spots but also help prevent any new ones from forming. Protection is key when dealing with pigmentation issues, so be sure to wear sun protection on your face all year round – yes! even when it’s cloudy outside… And if you have dark spots, this cream can be a real godsend. Use it in the evening for best results and because it’s hypoallergenic and full of goodness you can rest assured that you are feeding your skin the purest ingredients.

Eau Thermale Avene  D-Pigment launched on June 18th, and is available at all good pharmacies.


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