Achieving brow perfection

I recently had my eyebrows threaded too thinly, and it’s taking me ages to grown them out back to their former glory. So while I wait for the perfect shape, I am having to colour them in and using the Eyes & Brows Professional Stencil Kit by Wow Pamper Lounge. The kit comes with two different stencil shapes – one thinner and one thicker – which you can base your eyebrow shape on. Once you’ve chosen the one that suits you best, place it firmly over your brow and fill the gaps using the powder. There are two shades in each kit so you can either chose one colour or mix them up to get the perfect match. There are three matte shades to choose from: blonde, brunette and dark brown. Each mirrored compact comes with two contour colours and a small brush for greater definition. It really makes a big difference so if you have the same experience as me and your threader is a bit too keen, make sure you cheat and get those brows looking great ‘between shapes’!

For more information go to
Priced at £19.99 each.


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