Flower Power

If you love natural products, you’ll love Aveda, the brand known for  using flower and plant essences in its formulations. I recently tried their Invati range –  a collection of hair products secifically formulated for thinning hair. Launched in January, it fuses ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and technology innovations. It’s  97% naturally-derived and it helps to thicken the look of hair and reduce hair loss due to breakage by 33%.  The complex of Ayurvedic herbs, including Turmeric and Ginseng is called Densiplex™ and it’s very invigorating and revitalising. Their exfoliating shampoo (if you’re wondering it’s not textured ike a scrub!) smells fantastic and leaves your hair feeling clean and soft, it also removes build-up that can clog pores, allowing your body to work more effectively. The thickening conditioner, of a similar scent, is so creamy it feels almost like a mask or a deep treatment making every-day hair-washing feel luxurious. It improves elasticity and minimises breakage.

Invati thickening conditioner: 200ml/£21.50
Invati exfoliating shampoo: 200ml/£19.50

From September to November, Aveda introduces its Invati Hero Campaign – Aveda salons and stores will invite guests to discover the power of Invati. You can follow Aveda on twitter on @AvedaUK for top tips on optimum haircare and ask them any questions relating to your hair concerns.

For more information go to www.aveda.co.uk


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