No stress!

For those of you who find life challenging now and again, here is a beautifying antidote to stress. It’s an organic perfume collection with a difference called Acorelle that is designed to boost your mood. My favourite is White Orchid, an anti-stress eau de parfum that is wonderfully fruity. It contains top notes of sweet chypre, mid notes of powdery floral orchid and a base of sensuous Patchouli and Vanilla. Initially it’s very sweet but this fades and turns into a lovely warm scent that makes you take a deep breath. It’s designed to sooth, restore balance and reduces stress and anxiety – while you smell divine…

It retails at £29.99 and is available at Marks & Spencer (new beauty halls), Wholefoods &

“Our sense of smell – for which we receive little training in life – is arguably our most primitive sense – effortlessly accessing our deepest memories and feelings – and influencing our moods. We unconsciously acquire a portfolio of personal scent memories that will shape our scent preferences in life and the right aroma or scent – at the right moment – can fill us with joy or passion or calmness.”

George Dodds, master perfumer


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