Oh honey, honey

We all know the benefits of Manuka Honey as a food supplement, but did you know it’s also fabulous for your skin? The Nuage range of honey-based products is absolutely delicious (you’ll be tempted to eat it!) and works wonders for your skin. I tried the Manuka Honey Body Lotion, which is formulated with Manuka Honey UMF 10+, vitamin E and Shea butter. I was surprised at how light in texture it was and how sweet it smelt (I kept smelling my hand afterwards!) and it was very quickly absorbed into the skin. The range contains active ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration of up to 48 hours, so a little goes a long way. It’s a lovely cream to use as it’s rich and light – and it’s particularly nice during the winter months as it’s comforting and nourishing, protecting our skin form the harsh cold weather outside.

Valued for its healing properties by generations of New Zealand’s indigenous tribespeople, Manuka Honey’s antibacterial effects are rated by the ‘Unique Manuka Factor’ or UMF, with a content of 10 or more considered suitable for therapeutic skincare. The Nuage range contains Manuka Honey UMF10+ and a range of active ingredients to provide intensive 48 hour moisturisation.

Nuage Manuka Honey Body Lotion (150ml) and Nuage Manuka Hand & Nail Cream (100ml) cost £5.99 RRP and Nuage Manuka Honey Face Cream costs just £9.99 RRP. Available from a range of pharmacies including Home Bargains, for further information, visit www.fmcgltd.com.


3 responses to “Oh honey, honey

  1. Hmmm.I have a weakness for honey in food or cosmetics!

  2. It is extraordinary for skin this type of honey. My mother is using it for three months and the results have shown up.

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