Shady business


Good eye shadows are hard to come by, especially when they combine more than one shade. I often end up using just the one and wasting the other. But the new Terre D’Oc eye shadow duo collection is a real find. Not only are the products natural and organic – so you know that you are not harming your skin in any way – but the shades themselves are spot on. I tried a combination of Rose and Prune Takato (number 603) and it was stunning. The rose shade is a very natural colour that blends in adding a little sheen to the eyelid, whilst the prune shade is that lovely in between colour that isn’t quite grey, plum or brown – ideal to accentuate your eye liner.  And the texture is so soft and creamy – almost powdery –  that it just melts onto your eyelids making application really easy. Active ingredients of organic camellia oil and natural waxes give a soft, silky and long lasting finish, so it stays on all day long. You can apply it by using a brush or your fingers – it’s so soft that I used my fingers. Other shades in the range include two different greys and two different greens.

About Terre D’Oc: All our cosmetic products are made according to the COSMEBIO charter, they are certified “organic cosmetics” by ECOCERT and contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin, or from Organic Farming. Following the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) reference system quoted in the European Cosmetics Directive as reference text, our products are manufactured, packaged and stored following measures adapted to their use and specificity. We can therefore guarantee the total traceability of the ingredients and manufacturing processes of our cosmetics.

For more information go to The eye shadow duo is priced at £15.95.


One response to “Shady business

  1. Lovely write up! If anyone in the South Kensington or Knightsbridge area wants to get hold of this we stock them at the Health Quarter:

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