Bath time special

LaiafarrangravesbeautyspotblogAs the year comes to a close you might be feeling in the mood to start detoxing, ready for your New Year’s resolutions. One way to ease into a new, healthier regime is to exfoliate and detoxify the body. And a gentle way to start doing that is by soaking in a long, hot bath. I tried Miss Pattiserie’s delices du bain, a collection of gorgeous handcrafted ‘Bath Bakes‘ (including gorgeous cupcakes!) which you dissolve in the bath. To use, peel off the wrapper and drop the whole Bath Bake in the water.  Once the base has completely fizzed away you can use the top as an exfoliator by rubbing gently on your skin in circular motions. I tried the lemon flavoured Mini Bath Bake – perfect for detoxing because of its zesty, sharp and sweet scent. I Laiafarangravesbeautyspotalso tried one of their irresistible ice lollies called  La La Lime. I loved its citrus smell, which was slightly sweeter that the lemon Mini Bath Bake and very uplifting. Tu use, simply swirl the ‘ice lolly’ in the water – which in in itself is very relaxing! – and enjoy the effect of the nourishing and hydrating oils and salts as you soak in the bath dreaming of the cool summer days or trying to figure out what your New Year’s Resolutions will be…
The entire collection is simply divine, and reasonably priced. The perfect treat for yourself – especially in the winter months – or a great and very original gift. For more information go to

The La La Lime lolly is priced at £2.99 and the Mini Bath Bakes are £4.50.

About the brand: Our aim is to put the fun back into bath time and to also help you feel extra special every time you use a bath bomb. Along with our fragrances and essential oils we use natural ingredients such dead sea salts and epsom salts which all have amazing benefits on the body. All of our products are handmade so our quality control is of the highest standard. Mixing, pressing, icing, decorating and packaging is all done by Miss Patisserie chefs to make the most delicious smelling bath products.


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