Big Smiles

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotI’ve been looking for an alcohol-free mouthwash for a while and have finally come across one that works and doesn’t taste of artificial sweetener: Dentyl Active. It’s a two phase mouthwash, which you shake before use and then see the results by looking in the sink (it highlights the plaque and debris as brightly coloured masses!). Its formula contains essential oils to help nourish the mouth and CPC, which you need to shake to activate before use. It also contains fluoride, which plays a crucial role in preventing enamel erosion and hardening dental softspot. The actual mouthwash (which reminds me of a lava lamp) looks sparkly when you mix it up, making your smile feel brighter after use. I use it once a day, in the evening, and find the taste pleasant and the mouthwash not to harsh after use – as it doesn’t contain alcohol. Just one word of advice – don’t forget to mix it up! I forgot once and the texture was almost oily…

Research has shown that carbonated drinks can double or triple the incidence of tooth decay. Dental decay is on the increase with more than half (55%) of adults in the UK also have one or more decayed teeth.

For more information on Dentyl Active go to Available at all good pharmacies including Boots, priced £4.30.


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