Here comes the sun

Laiafarrangraves_beautyspotIf you fancy a touch of freshness whilst waiting for Spring to make an entrance, maybe a touch of Lush’s Euphoria will do the trick. As part of their new Gorilla Perfumes collection, this is a beautiful fragrance that contains rose oil, neroli, grapefruit, lime and clary sage. It’s made of natural ingredients, using the finest essential oils, and the smell reminds me of a Spring garden in the great outdoors. It takes its inspiration directly from the techniques and oils of aromatherapy, and the scent is designed to enhance and uplift your mood. Like the rest of the Lush product range, these perfumes are made by hand using natural, good quality ingredients. The packaging is also fun – this one reminds me of old-fashioned circus posters. There are plenty of perfumes in the collection, including a Jasmine-based one called Sikkim Girls and a Sandalwood variation called The Voice of Reason. Worth checking out, especially if you’re after something a little bit different…

Until June 2013, the Gorilla Perfume Pop Up shop, Shoreditch will host a series of events spanning all creative media, with a focus on scent and the senses.

For further details and gallery updates, please visit Euphoria is priced at £10 (7g).


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