Very precious

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 16.22.00There’s been a lot of press recently about hair oils, and a lot of hype about the wonderful benefits of Argan oil to help repair and add shine to damaged hair. I’ve since tried and tested a good handful of products, most of which have felt too heavy (oily) on my hair, but Clynol – a salon exclusive brand  – has a launched a wonderful product called Glow Precious Oil, which is pure luxury in a bottle.  It is soft to the touch and easily absorbed onto dry hair (although you can use it on wet hair too). It’s easy to massage into your hair because it’s so lightweight that it gets absorbed instantly, giving your locks a glossy, welcome shine. It’s designed to reduce split ends and repair dry and damaged hair without leaving your hair feeling greasy, and it delivers. The key to its success is the fact that it’s formulated with superfine African Marula oil, a ‘feather-light elixir’ that instantly targets the areas that need extra moisture. And because it’s so light it’s suitable for all hair types, including fine hair (which it won’t wear down). I think it might become a summer staple…
For more information go to The Clynol Glow Precious Oil is priced at £17.95  (75ml).


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