To the rescue!

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotI was recommended the Nourishing Oil Treatment for hair and scalp from Chery Lin to combat dry hair, so decided it to give it a try. It’s an oil that has an old-fashioned feel to it, possibly because of its rich scent that combines peppermint and lavender, amongst other essential oils. It’s designed to treat damaged and dry hair, but can be used by all hair types as a conditioning treatment. This tonic is truly bursting with wonderful ingredients that not only will address the structural damage to the hair by nourishing it, but will also strengthen the health of the scalp, which of course is essential to help promote the health of hair follicles and circulation. It’s a relaxing treatment, but one you will need to put aside time to enjoy. To use, you massage a palm full of oil into your dry hair and scalp and cover it with a towel. After about half an hour you can shampoo and condition as usual, so it could be the perfect addition to your Sunday morning beauty routine. It’s a very comforting treatment because of the essential oils used, and it should have a holistic effect–  not only by nourishing your hair but also by soothing your soul.

About the brand: Chery Lin Skin Therapy, the Cotswolds-based skin care company, is focused on treating your skin, body and senses™ as a whole with toxin free skin care through the use of kind, yet powerful, pure ingredients.

For more information go to The hair and scalp oil (150ml) is priced at £16.60.


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