Nature at its best

LaiafarrangravesIn recent times we’ve seen a return to natural beauty methods that focus on getting results, rather than simply making you feel good. A trend that is growing, as we learn more about the possible long-term effects of some of the chemicals used in many beauty products. But even in the case of natural products it’s important to find out as much as we can about a brand before using it, as there’s still a grey area when it comes to natural and organic certification.
I was fortunate to met the delightful and very down to earth Neena Trehan, founder of Spa Fabulous Organic Skincare who told me how much she has been influenced by traditional Indian ingredients when creating her own range. “My mum always mixes ingredients to make her own face masks, such as honey and lemon (which works wonders if you’re prone to acne) or tomatoes and crushed almonds.” She also learned a lot of her trade secrets when she was in her twenties, working as a beauty therapist on cruise ships travelling the world. “I would always try the local treatments and get tips from them as to which ingredients helped with what.” Today, having worked as a therapist for over two decades,  she has developed her own range of products and facials that not only have a therapeutic effect but deliver real results over time. Neena is passionate about her work and is 100% hands on and involved in all aspects of the business – from sourcing ingredients to devising formulations and training therapists to use the techniques she has developed over the years. The range can be used alone or in conjunction with regular facials to maximise the benefits. Given the quality of her products, it’s no surprise that her clientele includes a celebrity following (such as model Lisa Snowdon) and leading make-up artists ( Chief make-up artist in Downton Abbey takes the products on set, if you were wondering how they achieved such flawless complexions).

Beautysopblog14.51.39I tried the Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator, a fine scrub that you can use up to three times a week. It contains Sweet Almond and Rosehip Seed Oil which helps with scarring, and with dull, dehydrated, pigmented and congested skin. It’s a lovely texture that you can rinse off easily.

“I’m a facialist first and foremost,” says Neena, who still works with clients, “but by using organic products I can marry results with a wonderful holistic experience.”

If you get a chance treat yourself to the Spa Fabulous Organic Skincare, you won’t look back. For more information go to


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