Zoe Hardman reveals her beauty secrets…

British Fashion Awards 2012 - Inside ArrivalsTV presenter Zoe Hardman always looks fabulous on and off-screen, we spoke to her to find out all about her beauty secrets and what it was like to meet Paris Hilton…

Describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, loyal and fun.
Are you a fan of natural beauty products? Why?
I’m a big fan. Firstly I have very sensitive skin so staying natural tends to work for me. Secondly, I like the idea of being kind to myself and the planet where possible!
What top 5 products can’t you live without and why do you love them?
My Comvita Replenishing Night Lotion (£25.00, www.comvita.co.uk) – it’s amazing at sorting out my skin after a long day filming with a face full of makeup. Jumping into bed at night I know I’m going to wake up looking fresh and glowy again. Comvita Olive White Brightening Eye Cream (£21.00, www.comvita.co.uk) – It’s one of the only products I can wear around my eyes as they are so sensitive these days. It’s light, silky gentle and helps with those dark circles from all the late nights and early mornings over the last few years!
Moroccan Oil hair mask – This is my savour when it comes to fixing my dry and damaged hair. My hair gets styled so much and I’m a sucker for those bouncy curls which means it takes a lot of heat. I use this once a week and leave it on for 3 hours whilst I’m watching the TV…it really puts the shine back into my locks.
Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clarity – This is incredible for my sun spots and has dramatically helped reduce the dark patches I used to have. It’s not cheap but for any lady out there who suffers like I do I highly recommend it!
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation – I literally couldn’t live without this! It gives incredible coverage and a gorgeous bright glow all day. I’ve tried so many foundations over the years but this is definitely the best.
What beauty routine do you follow for your skin type and what products do you use?
As I’ve said I do have quite sensitive skin so I have to be really careful which products I use. I’m massively pro the Comvita range as its 100% natural and without chemicals and therefore doesn’t aggravate me in anyway. I cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously twice a day and I’ll do a face mask at least once a week. I really love the Comvita Intensive Hydrating Mask (£19.99, www.comvita.co.uk) as it’s fabulous for plumping and brightening.
What are your best assets and what is your top tip for body confidence?
My best assets, oh god! Hmm well I like my legs, they’re not long and lanky as I’m only 5ft 4 but I’d like to think they’re tanned and toned! I work very hard at keeping them that way with countless squats, lunges and burpees in the gym!! For body confidence I always say, make the best of what you’ve been given, be healthy, look after yourself and as cheesy as it sounds love who you are, only then can you feel comfortable in your own skin.
Do you have any body hang-ups and would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?
It’s taken me a long time to love my body. I suffered with eating issues in my early 20’s and was constantly worried about being overweight. Now I have a healthy balance between enjoying food and training hard. At the moment I have no desire to have cosmetic surgery but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tweaking areas that need tweaking! I do sometimes say after I have children I’ll get my boobs done but only if I really feel strongly laiafarrangraves_beautyspotabout it, it is major surgery after all.
What do you do to stop you getting ill and if you are struck down what do you take to help you recover?
Manuka Honey is a good tip. I make a hot lemon drink and whack a tea spoon of manuka honey in it to help my immune system out. Also again I think Vitamin C is amazing at combating colds.
You present Take Me Out: The Gossip, what’s the best bit of gossip you can share from the show or from celeb-land?
I once had a very surreal experience with Paris Hilton in Cannes in the back of a Maserati…I was filming with her for a few days and the whole time I felt like I was watching a cartoon character. She lives the most insane life!


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