Feeling pale? Dave’s your man…

laiafarrangraves-beautyspotI’m not a tanning expert – I grew up in Spain and tan very easily when the sun’s out, so it’s never been a big concern of mine. I came across a  product, however, that really caught my eye because as well as providing your skin with a very natural looking tan it’s a toning lotion so you’re multitasking and getting two jobs done in one go (an offer you can’t really refuse!). It’s called Famous Dave’s Tan & Tone self tan lotion, and it’s free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. The active ingredients it contains to improve your skin’s tone and texture are Co-enzyme Q10, Horse Chestnut, Butcher’s Broom and to moisturise it, it has Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E an Aloe Vera.

It smells very nice, and to apply you don’t need a mitt –  you simply apply it as you would a body lotion – but, as with all tanning products, it’s recommended that you exfoliate your skin beforehand to ensure its even and smooth. All you have to do is massage the lotion as you would a normal body lotion and leave it for up to eight hours before showering so that it reaches its optimum shade (a natural sun-kissed, streak-free, golden brown colour). Perfect for the British summer, and indeed for an all-year-round natural tanned look.

The Famous Dave’s Tan & Tone Self Tan lotion is £24.99 (250ml) available at famousdave.co.uk.


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