Thirsty Skin? Quench it with Sensiderma

laiafarrangraves_beautyspotA brand new range called Sensiderma has just launched as a result of two British brands – Queen Cosmetics and John Bell & Croyden –  joining forces. The aim of the range is to provide women who have dry or mature skin with a range of products that are safe and gentle and that will target their skin’s needs, focusing on hydration and nourishment. All the products in the range are free from perfume, essential oils or unnecessary ingredients, they are not tested on animals and are suitable for anyone with sensitive skin, including those suffering from such conditions as eczema or acne rosacea. They’re also safe to use during pregnancy.

I tried the Sensiderma Renew & Refine, which has been recently awarded 5/5 by Yours Magazine. It’s rich yet light at the same time and helps to reduce the appearance of existing expression lines and wrinkles, as well as to prevent the formation of new ones because of its formulation – which iscludes  the peptide, Palmitolyhexapeptide. It feels very clean and soft and I really noticed and enjoyed the absence of a perfume although it smells clean and fresh. My skin absorbed the product very easily, so it’s a real find if your skin is dry and you don’t want anything too heavy. I used it alone but it can also be used as as extra in addition to your day and night cream. A real find.

The range is available from John Bell & Croyden in store at 50-54 Wigmore Street, London, W1A 2AU and online Sensiderma Renew & Refine is priced at £36.45 for 45ml.


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