No more sneezing


If you suffer from hayfever or other allergies, this little pot of wonder could be perfect for you. The Haymax Organic Drug-free balm is the perfect solution to pollen and other substances that may cause sneezing. The way it works couldn’t be simpler, you apply a small amount around the base of the nostrils (which you can’t see) and re-apply as often as necessary, especially after blowing your nose or sneezing. All it does is trap the pollen particles before they go into your nose, so it has no side effects whatsoever and can even be used by pregnant women and children. The pollen barrier comes in three ‘flavours’ Lavender, Pure and Aloe Vera and has won several awards. It’s made from natural ingredients – a base of organic beeswax and seed oil, blended with essential oils, all of which are certified organic by the Soil Association, and it contains no added ingredients or fragrances. So if you suffer from hayfever give it a go!

HayMax™ can be used with other medication.It’s priced at £6.99 and is suitable for children and pregnant women. For more information go to

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