What’s up Doc?

Cuts, grazes, insect bites, chapped lips, stretch marks and even sore throats! If you’ve been troubled with any of the above you’ll be glad to know that help is at hand. Móa’s incredibly versatile formulation soothes, nourishes and renews itchy, dry skin conditions; fades stretch marks after pregnancy; treats bumps, bites and grazes in an instant and works wonders as an aftershave balm or facial cleanser.  You can also kiss goodbye to chapped lips and cold sores, and combat your sore  throat with a spoonful dissolved in water. You can, in fact, smudge it, smear it and spread it wherever you wish, for a truly skin-saving, multi-tasking treat. I’ve been trying it on my lips and cuticles and they feel smooth and nourished.

So how does it work? Its main ingredient is organic yarrow – did you know it’s named after the Greek hero Achilles, who used it to heal his soldiers’ wounds after battle during the Trojan war? It also contains a formula of other natural –and 100% organic – components, such as tea tree oil, beeswax and sweet almond oil, and no nasties or fillers. So you can keep it handy for the whole family to use.

Price: £9.99 50ml and £4.99 15ml

About Móa: Ingredients: 100% natural product, 100% organic herbs
No chemicals, artificial preservatives, perfume, alcohol, parabens or lanolin.
Combined with tea tree oil, nature’s powerful antiseptic, Yarrow creates an unrivalled healing synergy with endless therapeutic properties. Finally, Icelandic water, beeswax, coconut, sweet almond and soya bean oils help to soften, nourish and protect the skin.


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