Feed your skin

For an all-rounder skin quenching body oil, look no further. The Super Moisturising Body Oil from Balance Me is a beautiful product that is packed with goodness and is so hydrating, it’s actually designed to combat stretch marks. It combines neroli with rosehip oil – which also helps repair scar tissue and is renowned for its cell-regenerating action. It also adds to its formulation jojoba, wheat germ, borage and calendula to provide essential fatty acids and vitamins to the skin. It’s perfect if you’re losing or gaining weight –  or pregnant – as it’s 100% natural in its origin, containing nothing harmful.  But it’s also great in the summer months when you want your skin to have an extra glow about it. It’s light enough to use daily and not greasy at all and I love its soft smell and smooth texture. I use it on my hands, legs and arms in the morning after showering, which works very well for me. It’s a great product for a great brand.

About the brand: Our bespoke blends of pure essential oils allow for great aroma and skin-enhancing performance. Our products are luxurious yet affordable because we believe you need to use effective, natural products every day to really benefit your skin.

For more information go to www.balanceme.co.uk

The Super Moisturising Body Oil is priced at £22.50, 200ml.


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