Mmm…milk and honey

This is a brand new product range from Madara Spa called Honeymilk Dream. If you like sweet scents you’ll love it: it’s soothing, gentle and very nourishing, and as with all the Madara Spa products the products smell divine and look great in the bathroom.  I tried the Honeymilk Dream Nourishing Miracle Oil, a multi-purpose oil that contains acacia honey and sweet almond oil. You can use it in your hair to hydrate the dry ends, in the bath to soak in style or on your skin instead of a moisturiser. I also tried it on my nails and cuticles as sweet almond oil is a great nail strengthener and it worked really well – not too greasy. It’s  a comforting blend that is gentle and rich so a little goes a long way. When using it on your body, make sure you massage the oil in completely until it leaves a sheen on the skin. I am a big fan of multi-purpose products so as far as I am concerned this one is a winner. Other products in the range include the Honeymilk Nourishing Hand Cream, Honeymilk Softening Bath Milk and the Honeymilk Nourishing Body Butter.

The Nourishing Miracle Oil retails at 50ml £6.00
For more information go to


2 responses to “Mmm…milk and honey

  1. Then there are the organic treatments of exercises and acupressure
    devices. Their effect lies heavily on the discipline on the particular
    person that employs it.

  2. I do love a beauty product that calls itself Miracle – aim high that’s what I say!

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